Tankaria Honoring Function

Sunday 10 September 2017 @ 9:00 pm

Venue: 3D Centre, Bella Street, Bolton, BL3 4DU

You are invited to honor guests from our beloved Tankaria and to discuss many important projects for our village. This program is very vital for our village as it can become one of the most important that can shape many future developments for our village.

Due to very short notice, Organizers are unable to send personal invitation to all Tankarvis across United Kingdom so they humbly request all Tankarvis thru this medium to attend this program with their family. Your presence is sincerely appreciated. Also, please spread the word within our community.

Guests of honor:

1. Nazeem Abhli (Cape Town)
2. Haji Mohmed Zangaria (Lusaka)
3. Ayub Miyaji (Canada)
4. Rustam Lalan (Canada)
5. Ibrahim Patel (India)
6. Mohmed Dasu (India)
7. Mubarak Miyaji (Canada)
8. Yakub Rabad (India)
9. Abdul GenMaster (India)
10. Mehbub Dasu (Canada)
11. Ismail Saheb Hira (India)

Entertainment will be by the great Qawwal Salim Sabri.

Free entry to all, including sisters.

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Function Sponsored by:

iqevent.co.uk You tube: IQ Caters & 3dcentrebolton.co.uk


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