Noble Initiative by Tankaria Youth!

Tankaria… the land… a piece on earth we love so dearly that we make every effort for its betterment. History has witnessed that the citizens of this land has always put the village first.

One of our Tankaria’s aspiring youth Zuber Bhoja,  has taken on a great challlenge to show the world what this land has to offer. Zuber has participated in “Smart Village”  challenge where participant has to showcase what a modern village has to offer. Participatant need to highlight basic infrastructure such as clean water & electricity, local governance, diversity, developments that integrates technology for maximum efficiency, education and employment opportunity.

Our Tankarvi has taken on a huge challenge to cover all these areas, a mammoth task. We intend to display his work every day as he compiles them. Get ready for an exhibiting journey.

First article by Zuber in his words..

Smart Village Tankaria:

Government of Gujarat write in Smart Village Book 100% Girls Complete 8 Standard required for Smart Village,but
Alhamdulillah in our Tankaria 90%+ Girls Complete 12th Standard,
What’s the Education Importance in our life?
Education is most important among all of us. Education plays a very important role in your life. For living a luxurious life or for living a better life,
10 points: 1) For a happy and stable life 2) Money 3) Equality 4) Makes you self dependent 5) Turns your dreams into reality 6) Makes the world a safer and more peaceful place 7) Makes you confident 8) Society 9) For economic growth of the nation 10) Saves you from being fooled/cheated.

-Our Village Education very powerful as compare to other village but need improvement for stand in world level.
-In a nutshell Education is the backbone of every one life’s.
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