Haji Adam Saheb Lali visiting Tankaria High School

Haji Adam Saheb Lali, Tankaria’s beloved son, was given a tour of Tankaria High School by Haji AiyubBhai Miyanzi and Haji YakubBhai Bhutawala.

As we all know, It was a gigantic project and it was because of personal sacrifices of many of these individuals’ and every single Tankarvi around the world who came to together which yielded us with a beautiful Highschool building. With this building we have secured the future of our community for another centuary. The building is beautiful, functional and spacious. However, this school needs more work. The management would like to equip each classroom with Smartboard- an interactive board connected to computer and which allows teacher to explain from a different perspective. This addition will not only help children want to learn more and interest them but will help teachers with their time and subject material. Most western countries have recognized the need of Smartnoard and almost all Highschool classroom are equipped with it

Let’s all work with determination to provide our kids with techonology and equipments for them to succed by equipping At least each higher secondary classroom with Smartboard in near future.

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  1. Most of the new generation of students are going to English medium. This is Gujarati school. It will be a waste of money after 10 years, as it will be difficult to find Gujarati medium students.

    What is the future plan?

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