Helping Hands….

Makki Zakat Distribution, Chicago , USA held dinner and Adopt-a-family initiave for Syrian refugees.

 As we all know that situation in war-torn Syria is dire. Todate, more than 500000 (half a million) civilians have been killed and more than 5 million people have been displaced. There is no food, shelter,  medicine and a place to go to. Borders are closed and these civilians Syrians are crushed between battles of forces.

Some countries are granting them refuge but when they arrive here, life isnt rosy. Refugees do not know local language, culture or places to go to for their need. Life becomes more difficult. This is where Makki Zakat Distribution Committee is putting their efforts. Organizing community dinner, Eid meat distribution and winter clothing drive. Inviting them to community gathering,  welcome them and give them the feeling it.

The committee will be hosting many more programs in upcoming days. They also have GoFund account. Help and support their effort. We as a community have a responsibility to help these brothers and sisters, no matter where we live. Please find yoir local charities working for this cause and support them.

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