Eid party at Leicester by Young Tankarvies.

Eid is the time for celebration and delight, showing our gratitude to Allah, meeting relatives and friends. As Tankarvy, we would like our Tankarian to have a meaningful time on this most joyous of occasions. So, why not make our relatives, friends Eid memorable and filled with fun by throwing a party for them? Here are  few photo for creating an enthralling Eid party.

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1 Comment on “Eid party at Leicester by Young Tankarvies.

  1. It looks Tankarvis in Leicester are well united, living like brothers and sisters. Such events give people, especially ladies, a chance to get out and meet other ladies, introduce their children and exchange a few news-views. No doubt you are setting a good example for other Tankarvis in other towns and cities. Well done, please keep it up and learn to stand by each other in joy and in sorrow. May Allah help you all.
    Yacoob Mank

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