Love for Beloved Tankaria…

Tankaria… The land, our motherland ….love and affection for this land that connects us and keep wanting us to come to its welcoming arms…

During the difficult time of partition, many families left this land to find a place to newly formed country. Musabhai Kabir, a Tankarvi, whose family also migrated to Pakistan. 60 years passed by, Musabhai still remembers every single moment that he spent here in Tankaria. Living far from Tankaria, he stays in touch with this land thru our beloved website, cherishes memories, enjoys events and is always connected to friends and families.

Musabhai’s family is settled in Karachi and growing. His son is very respected Police Officer in E Karachi. Musabhai is on a short visit to Tankaria. We pray for very enjoyable stay here and for him taking with him bundles of memories.


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