Vohra Patel Gathering

Vohra Patel Gathering was held on 26th January at Zumla Hal near Palej . Guests from around the world also attended the gathering.  Please take a look.

Thanks to Jabir Bachcha for sharing pictures.

IMG-20160130-WA0034 IMG-20160130-WA0024 IMG-20160130-WA0031 IMG-20160130-WA0039 IMG-20160130-WA0026 IMG-20160130-WA0029 IMG-20160130-WA0035 IMG-20160130-WA0036 IMG-20160130-WA0038 IMG-20160130-WA0032 IMG-20160130-WA0030 IMG-20160130-WA0027 IMG-20160130-WA0033

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