Salaam From Holy Land…

One of our Tankarvi brother Faruk Vasta in on Umrah trip with his son Hafej Owais Faruk Vasta. Have a look at some of pictures from the Holy Land of Makka and Madina.

IMG-20151226-WA0068 IMG-20151226-WA0059 IMG-20151226-WA0065 IMG-20151226-WA0064 IMG-20151226-WA0074 IMG-20151226-WA0070 IMG-20151226-WA0060 IMG-20151226-WA0072 IMG-20151226-WA0057 IMG-20151226-WA0066 IMG-20151227-WA0009 IMG-20151227-WA0010 IMG-20151227-WA0011

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