Ramazan around the world.

MyTankaria would like to bring to you some most beautiful and meaningful pictures of Ramazan. We will collect and present to you pictures showing how Muslims around the world merge their local culture and food with the practice of fasting and prayers.

Our administrator, brother Mustak Daula, will cover and let you truly experience the Ramazan of Tankaria with his beautiful photography.

We also encourage all our visitors to please share with us pictures of your local mosque, iftar gathering, etc.

Please look below for some pictures from the users of the Telegraph newspaper of the UK. The full article can be found here.

Ramazan-2 Ramazan-3 Ramazan-4 Ramazan-5 Ramazan-6 Ramazan-7 Ramazan-8 Ramazan-9 Ramazan-10 Ramazan-11 Ramazan-12 Ramazan-13Ramazan

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