Pride of Tankaria, Rumana Inayat Matadar.

We are so happy and excited to inform you that one of our Tankaria girls, Rumana Inayat Matadar, living in the city of Vadodara, in the state of Gujarat, India, has obtained 99.48 percent in the HSC 12th science exam.

This is an outstanding performance worthy of applause. We hope and pray that her achievement will inspire other students in our community. Ameen.

We, on behalf of the MyTankaria visitors around the world, would like to congratulate Rumana and her family on her success and pray for more in future. Ameen.

Rumana 1 Rumana 2

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  1. Many congratulations for the best performance and a brilliant achievement to Rumana Inayat Matadar for the most successful results in your exams. Bravo, well done. May Almighty Allah give you a very bright and prosperous life in future. Our village Tankaria is proud of you.

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