Pride of our community….

Two recent achievements by teens of our community are worthy of being noticed and celebrated. One in the education field and the other in sport. Faiz Khan, son of famous Dr Khan of Bharuch, was part of a university team who designed a 350gm drone (the future of aviation, logistics amd security) which carries up to 1kg of weight and is controlled remotely. Not just that, they were given an opportunity to showcase their work in Florida, USA. The country that invented the drone was all over this design and technology and awarded it first prize amongst contestants from 93 countries!

The other success story is of Adil Shaikh, also from Bharuch, who has been invited and selected to play for the Indian Premier League (IPL) team. Rajashthan Royals. The IPL is one of the world’s biggest sporting gathering and attracts international cricketers from all over the world. Its an adrenaline filled and highly competitive tournament whose audience count is more than half a billion per game!

We are very proud to have teens progressing at such a high stage and hope as well as pray that our community continues to nurture and provide a platform to talents like Faiz and Adil. We congratulate their parents, teachers, communities and all those who guided them along the way.

Faiz Khan Adil Shaikh

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