1 Comment on “Cricket Festival in Tankaria.

  1. Assalamo Alykum.

    I hope you are all well and in good health when you receive my mail.

    It’s a nice event and good entertainment for boys and elders, and also good coverage by the hard work of some lads.

    Only one thing I personally believe is that it is not Islamic to involve girls. It looks like western people’s games. We, as Muslims, should avoid this sort of copying. It is not Islamic. I do not go into much detail, but please avoid this in the future, as it gives a bad name to our village and our proud religion.

    As a Muslim, I just point out what is not good in Islam. If it hurts anybody’s feelings, I am very sorry.

    Assalamo alykum.

    See you again.

    Your Brother-in-Islam.

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