Request to our Tankaria High School Management.

We praise All Mighty Allah (SWT) and thank all donors for their generous donations so that we now have a beautiful school building.

 From experience of visiting several schools, including Ivy League universities like Harvard, Yale and Columbia in the USA and UK, they have big pieces of art (sculptures) around the co

llege campus and historical pictures in common places. There is a definite purpose when these schools do something like that. It serves two purposes. Teaching students of our history without saying a word and providing a living legacy.

Our school should have sculptures like Hothyru, Gaadu, Thresar and other big items displayed nicely around the long walkways. Let the 11th or 12th year students take that responsibility with the guidance of teachers. This can be their extra curricular activity for which they can be rewarded extra credit.

We should have old pictures displayed in the school library, labs, staff room or an old school picture in the principal’s office.

Think of a child 20 years from now who will not have ever see our current or past living styles or a visitor from overseas who has never visited a village before but is visiting because it is his family town. These projects will show them memories that will bring their relatives back to life. This is a display of our ancestors, their lives, life style, our culture and how they cemented a strong foundation for the future generations.

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