Meter checks in Tankaria.

આજ રોજ વહેલી સવારે ટંકારિયા ગામ માં વિદ્યુત બોર્ડ ની ચેકિંગ આશરે 50 ગાડી ઓના કાફલા સાથે આવી હતી. ચુસ્ત પોલીસ બંદોબસ્ત સાથે આવેલી ચ્કીંગ ના સ્ટાફે સમગ્ર ગામ માં ચેકિંગ હાથ ધરી હતી. ગામ માંથી લગભગ 15 થી 20 ફોલતી મીટર પકડાયા હતા. સમગ્ર ગામ જનો એ સાથ સહકાર આપ્યો હતો.

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4 Comments on “Meter checks in Tankaria.

  1. vijri chhori na gizer thi pani garam kari ne gusal kari ne vora jumma padhva jaay chhe.
    loko ne milkat pachhavi ne hajj padhva jaay chhe.
    aato badhu have samanya thay gayu chhe.
    kaliyug na musalmano chhe bhai.
    saachi vaat ne jaher thava deva maan kashu khotu nathi.

    • Your are correct brother. Our maulvis need to get out of Sunniyat and Deobandiyat in such a fragile time. They are the ones to lead us on a straight path. Instead they are on a mission to expand the Madrasas and Darul Ulooms as far as their eyes go. Our leaders are equally responsible for people committing such a moral and social crime. They don’t teach the basics and instantly want to take us to the place of fanafillah. Not possible. We still need to learn. May Allah and our Prophet (PBUH) be our ONLY guide. Astagfirullah.

  2. Peace be on all of us,

    Theft is theft. It is a disgrace that the people of faith (in Islam) are seen as “THIEVES” of the country who have no hesitation in using electricity without paying for it. Disgusting. Remember, theft is theft, we will have to answer for this in front of Allah (Subhanahu Wa Ta’aala). Kindly think upon this. Would our Prophet (Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam) live between us if he was to come today? He would be grossly disgusted upon this act. People of true faith are doing things that would have been done by non-believers. Let’s double check on ourselves to see if we are still Muslims. May Allah guide us. Ameen.

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