An evening with Adam Tankarvi in Chicago Tomorrow….

Brothers from Chicago are hosting Gujarati poems and Mushaira program tomorrow on Wednesday evening (11/19) with chief guest none other than Adam Saheb Tankarvi. The program will start at 7pm sharp at Indo-American Center on Devon Avenue in Chicago, USA. There are limited parking places available, so you are requested to come early. There is no entrance fee and free refreshment will be served. Due to the limited availability of space and time, the program is limited to male audience only. However, the program will be LIVE on (pending confirmation and permission of poets), so everyone, regardless of location, can enjoy the program. Please go to at 7pm tomorrow (Local time in Toronto: 8pm, UK: 1am, Johannesburg, South Africa: 3am).

Please pass the word along to as many community members as you can. We can guarantee that this will be an evening to remember and you certainly do not want to miss this opportunity to hear Adam Saheb and other poets.

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