More Eid pictures from the USA and South Africa.

Have a look at some Eid pictures from Chicago, USA and Polokwane, South Africa sent to us by Munaf Bachcha and Irfan Bha.

We thank these brothers for sharing their pictures with us. Seen below is Munaf Bhai Bachcha and Iqbal Bhai Bachcha.

IMG-20141007-WA0014 IMG-20141007-WA0011 IMG-20141007-WA0010 IMG-20141007-WA0009 IMG-20141007-WA0005 IMG-20141007-WA0007 Seen in the pictures below, are Irfan Bha (Right) and Mohsin Bha with friends. IMG-20141007-WA0022 IMG-20141007-WA0023 IMG-20141007-WA0020 IMG-20141007-WA0019

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