Master Blasters of Tankaria

IPL has just finished and the Football world cup is around the corner but Cricket fever is here to stay for the summer. While our students at Tankaria High School are working really hard and getting results that makes our community proud, so too are our boys on the cricket field in every corner of the world. While Zuber Desai in Leicester is hitting sixes that brings tears to the opposing team and Sohail Gordhan in South Africa is winning “Best Batsman of the League”, Munaf Patel (Bachcha) provides punches that please the crowd. Recent matches show Munaf crossing the 50 mark easily with towering sixes when chasing or providing high score games. We wish all the players “Good Luck” for their upcoming matches and our students for a bright future and immense success. Keep us posted.

Munaf (L) with Siraj Patel (R) of Achhod.

Munaf Suhel10363499_506013512831517_8962789769697977498_n

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