Spring season started in Tankaria.

In spring, it is neither too cold nor too hot. That’s why nature has a nice look. It is at its best with greenery everywhere. All the trees and plants are in bloom. The crops ripen and the fields look golden. We see new and tender leaves that come out in the branches of the trees.

The birds remain silent throughout the winter. But as soon as the spring comes, they break their silence and start singing sweet songs. They look so happy that it seems as if they are thanking Allah with their many songs.

People wait for this season for outings, as the climate becomes mild. They enjoy picnics during this season. Nature gives a grand feast to our hungry eyes. Buds of flowers peep open to see the beautiful sights. Flowers bloom and spread their sweet fragrance all around. They make us feel healthy and active. We do a lot of work during this season because we never get tired. We feel fresh all the time and this is the main attraction of the spring.

The villages present even more beautiful sights. There we find nature in its full bloom. The green and yellow fields fill our hearts with hope. The farmers look very happy because their crops are ripe and they will soon reap the reward of their months of long labour.

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