We request all our visitors brothers and sisters across the world to make dua for speedy recovery of our administrator brother Mustaq bhai Daula who is recovering from Jaundice. Mustaq bhai was diagnosed with Jaundice last week and is being treated since. Due to recent illness, Mustaq bhai has cancelled plans to visit Holy City Of Mecca for Hajj pilgrimage this year.

Mustaq bhai is responding and progressing well. May Allah SWT give him shifa.

To fight against increasing incidences of Islamophobia in public places and public transportations across the Globe, city of Boston in USA has chosen work of an artist  “How To” guide, available for riders in trains and buses to help Muslims in trouble in those places. City wants to ensure all of its Muslim citizens Get help not just from the police but from other citizens who are immediately available on the scene to help. Great effort by City worth all praise.

In a list of the secondary schools of England published this month, it is to be noted that Tauheedul Islam Girls’ High School and Tauheedul Islam Boys’ High School, both run by Tauheedul Education Trust in Blackburn, ranked number 1 and 3 respectively in the whole of England. Amazing… amazing achievement!

Many congratulations to staff, management and students of this School. This is an inspiring example that how collective efforts of a community with a vision can lead to jaw dropping results.

To view the full list from the UK Government, click here.

To read an article from The Sun newspaper published earlier this year, click here.

(Pictures courtesy: The Sun – © News Group Newspapers Limited)

Wedding ceremony of Asma, daughter of Abdul Majid Bala (Toronto, Canada) was held today on Sun July 16, 2017. Beautiful picture shared by Iqbal Bhai Popat.  Several dignitaries including MP John McKay, MP Gary Anandasangaree, MP Omar Alghabra, Sven Spengemann, Provincial Education Minister Mitzie Hunter were in attendance. On behalf of Tankaria Global Family, Many Congratulations to newly wed and Bala family.