Month: January 2017

New Sewage pipeline being installed…

New gutter pipielines are being installed at Nana Padar, Tankaria. Current pipelines are very narrow, often gets blocked and results in spillage of dirty water on main roads. With new pipelines this issue is expected to resolve.

Wide demonstrations against US President’s ban of refugees

US President’s executive decision on Friday to ban refugees and visitors from 7 countries is widely condemned by rights group and members of both parties. It is widely regarded  as ban against specific regligion and against humanity. Those who are traveling or granted refugee status are mostly children and women. There are wide spread demonstrations in all over US airports and towns to lift ban.

There was one organized by MEC masjid in Morton Grove, Chicago and was attended by all faiths. See video below.  There was another  at O’Hare airport. Click on the link below


Agiyarmi Sharif Nyaz by Darul Ulum Mustufaiyyah – Tankaria

Marriage function of Nashrinbanu D/O Nasir Ibrahim Lalan held at Tankaria today.

M A M High school Tankaria celebrated Republic day.