Month: August 2015

આખરે અલ્લાહ ની રહેમ (વરસાદ દ્વારા) થઇ – At last Allah has showered his mercy in the form of rain.

હજારો લોકો ની દુઆ ઓથી અલ્લાહ તાલા એ આજે બપોરે અડધો કલાક રહેમ નો વરસાદ નાઝીલ કર્યો હતો. ઉનાળા જેવા ધોમ ધખતા તાપ બાદ આજે વરસાદ પડતા ખેડૂતો તો ખેડૂતો પણ તમામ લોકો એ અલ્લાહ નો શુક્ર અદા કર્યો હતો
ઢોર ધાખર પણ મસ્તી થી જુમી ઉઠ્યું હતું.  અલ્લાહ રહેમ ના વરસાદ સાથે ખેત ખાલીયાન માં બરકતો નાઝીલ કરે ………… આમીન’

The prayers of thousands of people have been heard when it rained this afternoon for about half an hour. Not only the farmers, but all the people were thankful to Allah. And even the animals jumped with joy as they got relief from the extremely hot weather. May Allah (SWT) shower his further blessings by making the crops grow to give a good harvest. Ameen.

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Leicester Lions wins 8th time in a row, Zuber Gujiya Man of the Series

IMG-20150830-WA0007IMG-20150830-WA0005IMG-20150830-WA0006IMG-20150830-WA0008Leicester Lions makes record! tournament win 8th year in a row and what a series for Zuber Gujiya…3rd straight Man of The Series Tournament Award. Way to Go Lions and Zuber and all Team Mates.

Wish you best for next year!


An accident with Tankaria boys.


There is no mobile net. Whatsup and Facebook is working in Bharuch District.

Request for Rain Dua.