It is with great pleasure that we can announce that, following a tremendous amount of hard work and dedication of our young leader and brother Janaab Abdullah Yusuf Kamthi, the 3D images of the full facilities at the sporting venue for Greater Tankaria area are now ready.

According to the information available, a committee will be formed to oversee the venue and its activities. The committee will comprise of individuals with various skill sets and will be from each part of Tankaria as well as neighbouring villages.

This is not just good news for Tankaria, but all the surrounding villages too. This investment is likely to bring the best out of our rich sporting culture and traditions, as well as tremendous economic benefits to area.

We make dua to Allah (SWT) that this dream of ours comes true and we all unite behind such a marvellous project, which not only benefits our current generation but many generations to come.