Month: February 2015

Musa Vali Thava passed away. Inna lillahe wainna ilayhe rajeun.

His Namaj-e-Janaja will be held at Bhadbhag Graveyard at 10 am today. May Allah [SWT] grant him the best place in Jannatul Firdaush. Ameen.

Bravo daughters of Tankaria….

One of our daughters of Tankaria, Shabnambanu Gulam Umarji Ipli has completed her MBBS degree with first class honours from the Kutch University, India and is now aiming for a post graduation degree in medicine (MD). Similarly, another daughter of Tankaria, Shabnam Yusuf Khandiya, has also completed her MBBS degree.

We are very proud of these two girls and proud to call them doctors. This is an achievement for the whole of our community and especially for their parents and teachers. May Allah [SWT] bring more success to our future generations. Ameen.

An Evening in Padar….

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Good news for US H1-B visa holders.

US to provide work permits to spouses of US H1-B visa holders. It is tremendously helpful to those who are with their H1-B visa holder spouses but are unable to work even though they may have qualifications or degrees. This results in many talented spouses staying at home while their spouses are at work in the USA. The change in law will benefit many.

Read Times of India complete article here.

Samuh Lagnotsav at Kukarmunda.

Samuh Lagnotsav held today at Kukarmunda, District Tapi, which was organised by the Young Circle of Tankaria. A total of 12 couples participated in this marriage function.
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