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We are living in a time when technology and the internet is changing and defying old definitions. Think how 10 years ago we used to communicate to friends and family.  Think of communication today.  We had video games 10 years ago and now, today, they have changed. They are fast, fun filled and more interactive than ever.

In the field of gaming,  one of our Vohara Patel, Arif Argamawala, has developed a game available on the App Store that is already making a huge impression.  The game is called “Bridge Runner” and is filled with so much excitement and adrenaline that it immediately gets you addicted. Within its short launch period, it has already crossed the 5,000 download mark!

You can download “BRIDGE RUNNER” from https://appsto.re/gb/myby4.i

Download the game and try it for yourself. Pass it on to others and experience something fresh and fun.

We are very proud of Arif and hope his success will inspire many others in our community.  Keep up the good work Arif!


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