Month: October 2014

Request for Dua.

Yasminben, wife of Dr Munafbhai Miyanji, is suffering from a brain tumour and she is very much in a critical condition. We are requesting everybody to please make dua for her shifa [recovery] soon. May Allah [SWT] give her Shifa-e-Qulli soon. Ameen.

Hajiyani Fatimaben Ismail [Gafoor] Dhoriwala [Mother of Rehmatullah Dhoriwala] [Aunt of Iqbalbhai Dhoriwala] passed away. Inna lillahe wainna ilayhe rajeun.

Her Namaj-e-Janaja will be held at Hashamshah [RA] Graveyard at 9:00 am tomorrow. May Allah [SWT] grant her the best place in Jannatul Firdaush. Ameen.

Cricket Tournament in Tankaria.

Late Abdullah Saleh Memorial Cricket Tournament started at Tankaria by Sports Club of Tankaria.

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Invitation from the Tankaria High School.

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Dastarbandhi programme of students of Darul Ulum Ashraffiyyah Mustafaiyyah, Tankaria held last night at Mota Padar, Tankaria.

Syed Nooranimiya Ashrafi was the chief guest of that programme.

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