Shining Stars

Previous editor :  Yakub Mank (Mahek Tankarvi)
Current editorsIbrahim Master (Pir), Shakil Bha, Ismailbhai Khunawala

Tankarvis are making significant contributions in many fields all over the world and we aim to highlight their special achievements here so that others can take inspiration from their success and follow in their footsteps.

You may send any articles in English or Gujarati by e-mail to and we will try to publish them after editing within a month from their receipt. Any constructive comments or suggestions will be most welcome.

Abid, M Hanifby Mahek Tankarvi

Chandiya, Almas Ilyas Vali Adamby My Tankaria News

Delawala, Kausarbanu Mustufa Masterby My Tankaria News

Ipli, Shabnambanu Gulam Umarjiby My Tankaria News

Manman, Mohmedmatin – by Nasirhusen Lotiya

Miyanji, Dr Firoz Ayub – by Mahek Tankarvi

Miyanji, Dr Firoz Ayubby My Tankaria New

Patel, Ahmed Bashir (Khoda)by Mahek Tankarvi

Patel, Soyabby Gujarat Today

Tankarvi, Azizby My Tankaria News

Tankarvi, BowlersArticle by Newham Recorder