News - March 2012

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Date: 31/3/2012

A wedding ceremony of Kulsumbanu Daudmaster Rethda [Sister of Salim Rethda] held today at Tankaria. She is married to Suhel Mastan Gajjar. Many many congratulations to Daudsaheb Rethda & whole family and Mastansaheb Gajjar & whole family.

Nikah Ceremony

Mother of Salim Saheb Rethada

(Daud Saheb wishing Suhel)

Brothers (Salim - far left & Abid - far right)

Father & Son (Daud Saheb & Salim Saheb Rethada)



Date 31/3/2012

: Old Picture of Khandhiya Family :





 Date: 30/3/2012

Very Sad News from Tankaria.

Master Yakubbhai Jamnagarwala passed away............Inna lillahe wainna ilayhe rajeun. His namaj-e-janajah will be held at Hashamshah grave yard after Asr prayer. May Allah [SWT] grants him the best place in jannatul firdaush. He passed away after heart attack.

 Date: 29/3/12

સિદ્દીક અબ્દુલ્લાહ ચપટી અલ્લાહ ની રહેમત માં પહોંચી ગયા છે. ઇન્ના લીલ્લાહે વ ઇન્ના ઈલય્હે રાજેઉન. મર્હુમ ભરૂચ રેલ્વય સ્ટેસન પર એક ભાઈ ને બચાવવા જતા પોતેજ સ્લીપ થઇ જતા અકસ્માતે અલ્લાહ ની રહેમત માં પહોંચી ગયા છે. અલ્લાહ તેમની magferat ફરમાવે અને જન્નત માં આલા મુકામ અતા કરે. આમીન.


Siddik Abdullah Chapti has set an example for the community. Such a selfless act, who lost his own life to save someone else. May Allah (SWT) give Sabr-e-Jameel to the family. In this difficult time, we make dua for Marhum, may Allah (SWT) rest him in peace and give him the place in Jannat-ul-Firdaus. Ameen.

Date: 29/3/12
ફરી આજે દારુલ ઉલુમ કમિટી તરફથી ન્યાઝ નો પોગ્રામ રાખવામાં આવ્યો હતો. આખા ગામ ને દાવતે આમ હતું.

DATE: 28/3/12


Date: 27/3/12
A heart touching poem from Iqbal Patel [Popat] Canada


Date: 25 March 2012



Yacoob Mank addressing the guests


Ismail Kaduji

Yasmin Dawda

Yousuf Bhailok

Muhammad Munshi

Yacoob Mank presenting the book

Date: 25 March 2012
The new school year will start in the month of August or September but the admissions/enrollments have started. Tankaria offeres good number of choices when it comes to child education. We have Government primary secondary schools for boys & girls in Gujarati medium, we have Islamic schools for education while learning Islamic courses & arabic language, we have Higher secondary schools and we also have English medium schools for the parents who want to expose their child to education in English at the very beginning years of the learning.
If you are a parent and would like to enroll your child to English Medium Primary/elementery school (Grade 1 to 7), then the enrollment in to English Medium Primary School has started. The school has its bulding in High School compund at Mota Padar.
For further info or for admissions, please contact Ayzaz Malatagar at +91 99749 01711.

Date: 23 March 2012
The wedding ceremony of Mohammed Junaid Gajjar (son of Yakub Gajjar) was held in Tankaria on 7th March. We have recieved some pictures but due to technical difficulties we are not able to upload them here. We will have it soon. However, we like to take this opportunity and congratulate Mohammed Junaid, bride and their families from Tankaria websites. May Allah (SWT) bless these families with love and shower new couple with immense happiness and joy. Ameen.
Pleae accept our sincere apology and we ask for forgivenes.
We thank everyone for contiuous support, love and feedback.

Date: 22 March 2012


Date: 21 March 2012

Date: 20/3/12
Today Agyarmi Nyaz sharif program organized by young BAGDADI GROUP Tankaria for whole villagers.

DATE: 19/3/12

DATE: 19/3/12
A wedding ceremony of RAFINABANU MUSTAK SULEMAN SAPA [DAUGHTER OF MUSTAK SPINER] held today at Tankaria. She is married at Tham village.

Date: 18/3/12


આજે સમસ્ત ગામની અગિયારમી શરીફ ની ન્યાઝ નો પ્રોગ્રામ દારુલ ઉલુમ ની બાજુમાં નવા બંધાયેલા શેડ માં રાખવામાં આવ્યો હતો. આ ન્યાઝ દારુલ ઉલુમ તરફથી રાખવામાં આવી હતી. સમસ્ત ગામજનો ને ન્યાઝ ની દાવત આપવામાં આવી હતી.

DATE: 17/3/12

A wedding ceremony of Sumaiyyabanu Mohmed Yusuf Ganja held today at Tankaria. She is married at Vahalu village.

Date: 17/3/12

બ્રિટનના વિદેશમંત્રાલયે નાગરિકોની ચિંતાને પગલે સ્પષ્ટતા કરી

બ્રિટનમાં ‘ઓવરસીસ સિટિઝન ઓફ ઈન્ડિયા’ અથૉત ઓસીઆઈનો દરજજો ધરાવતા નાગરિકોની વધી ગયેલી ચિંતાને પગલે બ્રિટનના વિદેશમંત્રાલયે સ્પષ્ટતા કરી છે કે આવા નાગરિકો ભારતમાં હોય ત્યારે પણ તેમને બ્રિટિશ નાગરિક તરીકે જ ગણવામાં આવશે અને તેમને જરૂર પડશે તો કોન્સુલરની મદદ મળી રહેશે.

ઓસીઆઈનો દરજજો મેળવનારા ભારતીયો જ્યારે ભારતમાં હોય ત્યારે તેમનો શું દરજ્જો તે અંગે ઘણી ગૂંચવણ ઊભી થઈ હતી જેને કારણે આવા ભારતીયો ચિંતામાં હતા. આ અંગે બ્રિટનના વિદેશમંત્રાલયના કોન્સુલેટ ડિરેકટોરેટ લાઉઝ એડવડ્ર્સે જારી કરેલા પત્રમાં કહેવાયું છે કે ઓસીઆઈના દરજજાથી આંતરરાષ્ટ્રીય કાયદા હેઠળ વ્યક્તિની રાષ્ટ્રીયતા પર કોઈ અસર થતી નથી.

ઓસીઆઈ દરજજો ધરાવતા નાગરિકો ભારતમાં હોય ત્યારે પણ તેમનો બ્રિટિશ નાગરિક તરીકેનો દરજજો ચાલુ રહેશે અને તેમને કોન્સુલરની મદદ મળતી રહેશે. આ દરમિયાન ભારત સરકાર તેમને બેવડું નાગરિકત્વ ધરાવતા નાગરિક નહીં ગણે. તેમ છતાં તે ભારત સરકાર પર નિર્ભર છે.ઉલ્લેખનીય છે કે ઓસીઆઈનો દરજજો ધરાવતા નાગરિકોને બ્રિટિશ સરકાર તરફથી મલ્ટિ-પરપઝ આજીવન વિઝા, પોલીસ સમક્ષ નોંધણીમાંથી મુક્તિ અને નાણાકીય તથા આર્થિક બાબતોમાં એનઆરઆઈ કરતાં વિશેષ દરજજો મળે છે.

Tankaria's most senior, Janaab Haji Ahmed Vali Munshi (Chati Master- "Dada") passed away in Chicago at the age of 90 after short illness. Inna Lillah Va Inna Ilayhi Rajiun. He was the 2nd most senior in the history of Tankaria. A teacher by profession, retired and setteled in Chicago, USA lived all his life helping others and never felt tired smiling. Whenever, you see him, he was always smiling. Whenever he met anyone, he had a smile of an innocent child who met one of his most loved friend.
In his life as a teacher, not only helped students reach high goals in life but helping their parents, helping poor villageres where he was just a visitor or a teahcer in school. He helped needy/illiterate people filling out forms and getting their benefits from Government. Even at the age of 88-89, he worked at Local Mosque as a volunteer.
We are sad losing such elder but at the same time make dua for him, for the best palce in hereafter.
His Namz-e Janazah was performed after Zuhur prayer. His sons have requested to make dua.
May Allah (SWT) rest him peace and grant him a place in Jannat-ul-Firdaus. Ameen.

 DATE: 11/3/12

A marriage function of Tausif Hanif Vevli with Farhana Usmangani Daula [Cousin sister of Mustak Daula] was held at Venda [S.A.].
Many Many congratulations and hearty wishes to newly wed. May Allah (SWT) bless the couple with immense love, joy & happiness and put barakah in their lives. Ameen

Date: 11/3/12
A grand marriage function of Shabinabanu Mustufa Khoda with Javid Umarji Puda [Valan]
held today at Tankaria.
Family, Friends, Relatives and all well wishers has attended the marriage function. Many Many congratulation to Mustufa Khoda and family.


10 March 2012
Tankaria Mushaira 2012

Date: 9TH MARCH 2012
Chicago Muslim Center Opens in Chicago, USA
Inauguration prayer was performed at the new center in US city of Chicago, Alhamdulillah. This was the very first prayer performed at this center and "congratulations/Mubarak Badi" to youth and elders and community members for their hard work and efforts day and night.
May Allah (SWT) bless the center and make us regular in our prayers. Ameen.

Date: 7/3/12

Yunus Valli Kara [Brother of Ayyub Vali Kara (Social Worker - Bharuch)] has passed away ... inna lilahe wainna ilayhe rajeun.
His Namaj-e-janaja will held at Bharuch after Zohar prayer. May Allah (SWT) rest him in peace and grant him a place in Jannat-ul-Firdaus. Ameen.

Date: 6/3/12

Our Tankaria young cricket team played Valencia club
[South Africa] league tournament 2011-12, but unfortunately Tankaria team leaded 3rd rank and unable to reach to the final. But our young player Azaz Dahya has performed good. In that tournament he played 10 matches, 8 innings and he made 371 runs and also took 24 wickets in tournament. Congratulation to Azaz Dahya & Team.
Shown in picture(L to R) Adil Patel, Zuber Lariya and Azaz Dahya

Date: 6/3/12

આજ રોજ થી એસ. એસ. સી. ની પરીક્ષા નો પ્રારંભ થઇ ગયો છે. ટંકારિયા હાઇસ્કુલ કેન્દ્ર માં તમામ વિદ્યાર્થીઓને ચોકલેટ આપી પ્રવેશ કરાવ્યો હતો.



Date: 5/3/12
Fatimaben Alli Hajibilla [Mother of Mustakbhai Hajibilla] has passed away ... inna lillahe wainna ilayhe rajeun. Her namaj-e-janaja was held at Hashamshah graveyard at 10am.
May Allah [SWT] grant her the best place in jannatul firdaush. She was 94 years old.



Date: 4/3/12
A marriage function of Azrabanu Yusuf Ismail Ghodiwala [Daughter of Yusuf (Abba)] held today at Tankaria. She is married at Nabipur village. Many Many congratulations to Yusufbhai & Family.



Date: 2/3/12
A marriage function of Asif Gulammaster Batli held today at Tankaria. His Barat [Accompanying the bridegroom during the marriage ceremony] will go to the Manubar village tomorrow. Many Many Congratulations to Asif and whole Batli family.