News - February 2012

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Date: 29/2/12



Date: 27/2/12



May HER SOUL REST IN PEACE. Ameen. અલ્લાહ તેમની બાલ બાલ માગ્ફેરત ફરમાવે અને જન્નત માં આલા મકામ અતા ફરમાવે. આમીન.




Date: 26/2/12

Dawat-e-walima of Minhaz Haji Alli Musa Nathaliya held today at Tankaria.



Date: 24th February 2012


Marriage, a highly respected, blessed relationship in Islam and the Sunnah of our beloved prophet Muhammed (SAW).

It is one of the most happiest moments in any person's life but also one of the most worrying matter for the parents. With increasing cost of everything in life, it becomes very hard for parents to fulfill the dreams of their loved ones in the most simplest, modest and economically viable ways.

Alhamdulillah, this is where our brothers are taking an initiative. "Tankaria Friend's Circle", a group of friends from Tankaria and our neighbour villages are getting to gether to orgaise group wedding ceremony for the needy Muslim Brothers & Sisters. Look at the flyer below. The ceremony will be held in March with initially 30 couples. All the cost wil be bear upon by this organisation. Some basic every day items and some financial assistance will be given keeping in mind the Sunnah of our beloved Prophet Muhammed (SAW).

Insha Allah

Please make Dua for the success of this program. It is very important for the success of our community. We need these kind initiatives and need to bring more programs like these in our community. These friends made the way for us to follow. May be some more will come in all our villages to serve the Ummah. May be there will be more programs to help people in need, programs to create an opportunity in the form of employment & education.

May Allah (SWT) help this kind organisation and bless all of us with health and wealth to spend & serve the need. Ameen.





Date: 24/2/12

Nikah ceremony of Minhaz Haji Alli Musa Nathaliya was held today at Jam-e-Masjid, Tankaria after Juma prayer. Many many congratulations and duas to Minhaz and his family.



Date: 23rd February 2012

The annual day and farewell function of the students of S.S.C. & H.S.C. was held at The Tankaria High school Tankaria today. N.R.I. Guests Haji Ayyub Miyanji, Haji Yakub bajibhai Bhuta, Haji Usmanbhai Salya, Haji Umarjibhai Nawab, Haji Sabirbhai Patel, Haji Yusuf Amanji invited for function. Cultural program also held in that function. Std. 8 to 12 th students participated in culture program.



Date: 23rd February 2012




Date: 22nd February 2012

Hajiyani Aminaben Ibrahim master Talati [Mother of Sajid Larya] passed away in Tankaria.....inna lillahe wainna ilayhe rajeun. Her Namaj-e-janaja was held at hashamshah graveyard at 10am.

May Allah(SWT) rest her in peace and give her the highest rank in Jannat-ul-Firdaus. Ameen



Date: 21st February 2012

Eid-e-Milad Celebration from England:

One of out Tankarvi brother has shared an Eid-e-Milad Muhammed (SAW) celebration picture from his town. We thank this brother for sharing this with us and we also request all of our visitors to update us with news, story, photos or any sort of info that you like to share with others. Stay connected with your friends and families. Put in your opinion and help improve your own site.


UKMiladCel2 UKMiladCel3



Peer Nashhershah [R.A.] opp. Thikariya Stand, First time ever this shrine on website.



19th February 2012

Shahnawaz Sadik Delawala weds Hullaka (maternol grand daughter of Vali Ahmad Gotcha) , today here in Thohoyandou. Friends, relatives and all Tankarians joins the party.....

May Allah (SWT) shower the newly wed with immense love, joy & happiness

Photo and News reported by Rafiqahmed Kaduji.

Sadik Delawala





17th February 2012

Date: 15th February, 2012

Saeed Patel: An Inspiring True Story

We all know our neighbouring village Ikhar becuase of Munaf Patel, a famous cricketer who made it in Indian National Cricket Team. But, very few people know about Saeed Patel.

Let me introduce to you Saeed Patel, son of teacher husband & wife. Father was a high school teacher at Tankaria High School whose students included many famous Tankarvis. After working for quite a long period of time at Tankaria High School, his father moved to Baroda for the education of his children. His elder son is Saeed Patel. After completing his education in India, Saeed Patel decided to go to America for further education. After coming to America, he started persuing his masters in Computer Science. At the same time. he worked in Computer Distribution company. But, he always wanted to something more that that.

In 1991, when most of his friends got a job at big high rise offices in New York, he refused to do the same and rather he started a business in with his friends for a mere $20,000, a small company for the computer distribution. He had education in computer science and had ambition. People dismissed his idea but he and his friend refused and liked to take challenges. When other friends were working at big offices, these two engineers were loading trucks and driving them to deliver to their customers. There came time when their hard work paid off and they were doing really good and then came time, they went almost out of business. But, duas of parents, hard work and belief in all mighty Allah (SWT) kept them going.

And, recently in the most current year, Saeed Patel's company posted a revenue of not thousands but millions of dollars. And now, has offices in Manhattan and warehouses in New Jersey. His achievement were recognised by widely distributed Musim Newspapaer "Muslim Observer" in America.

After all these success, he did not stop there. He wanted to do something for his community. He is running several schools in his home village, helps poor students take further education, helping people affected by disasters and also wants to start an orphanage. Remember Surah in Quran "Ara aytallaji...". Allah (SWT) gave him and he is giving back to community. That is the teaching of our Prophet Muhammed (SAW).

Today, our youth has courage, tools and wants to take on big challenges but sometime missing is sort of inspiration. If you have dream and you think you can work for it, do it. We have expamles all around us, in Africa, England, Canada, USA, NZ and in our own village.

Send us the story of someone you know.

Date: 15/2/12

ઘઉં નો પાક ખેતરોમાં લહેરાવા લાગ્યો છે. ઘઉં ના પોંક ની સીઝન ચાલુ થઇ ગઈ છે. અને ખરી માં પણ ફસલ આવવાની ચાલુ થઇ ગઈ છે. ધીરે ધીરે ખરી ભરાઈ જશે. તથા ગરમી પણ ચાલુ થઇ ગઈ છે.



Date: 12/2/12

Eid - E - Milad celebration in Blackburn, England.





Date: 12/2/12

Eid - E - Milad celebration at Preston, England.





Date: 11/2/12

A marriage of Imran Valibhai Ganda [Ayyub Popat no Bhaniyo] [from village kamboli] held at Bharuch today. Many many congratulation to newly wedding couple from Tankaria website team.




Date: 10/2/12

Mahebub Ahmed Ghodiwala [Alli Mohmed Tichchuk no Bhaniyo] passes away by an accident near Palej highway. Inna lillahe wainna ilayhe rajeun. His Namaj-e-Janaja will held at village Ghodi at 10pm.May Allah (SWT) rest him in peace and grant him the best place in Jannat-ul-Firdaus. Ameen.




Date: 9/2/12
Nyaz program held at Rustam Goder's home today.



Date: 9/2/12

A marriage function of Sabiha Ayyub Bhim [America] held today with Ikramulhaq Yakub Patel [Bharuch] at Tankaria and also an engagement function of Salma Ayyub Bhim [America] held today with Sufiyan Sabbairmaster Bhim [Tilu].


Many many congratulations from Tankaria websites team & all the visitors.



Date: 9/2/12



Date: 9/2/12

Eid e Milad celebration function was held at Venda [South Africa] at Abdussamd Larya's home. Many Tankarvies attended the program.



Date: 7/2/12

:Our Brothers in Newzealand:

Newzealand, also referred to as "Kiwis" in most News Papers, a small but one of the most beautiful conutry in the world. Filled with the natural beauty of Allah (SWT).

Here in Newzealand, we may not have as big community as UK, S Africa or US but we still have small & strong community which is also a part of our growing online community and includes natives from all the different parts of Gujarat. One of our Tankarvi, Zakir Bhaniya, on his recent visit to "the Kiwi Land" took some pictures which summarises the life and living in this far land.

Look at the pictures below & dip ourself in the beauty of this beautiful land & it's people.

Jazakallah Munaf (younger brother of Zakir) & zakir for sharing your pictures. May Allah (SWT) grow us as community & One Ummah and make us prosper in all fields of life. Ameen.






7th Feb 2012


Eid e Milad celebration in Chicago, U.S.A. [Reported by Mustak Hira].


seen in pictures from left to right Babu Mama Gen, Mustaq Hira, Ibrahim Kapadiya (Tichuk), Aiyub Ghogha and Delawala Uncle.



An Engagement ceremony of Shabinabanu [Daughter of Mustufa Khoda] with Javed [Son of Umarjibhai Puda] held at Tankaria today.

Marriage will be on 11 March 2012. Insha Allah.




Urse Peer Yusuf celebrated yesterday.



Jashne Eid e Milad celebration at Lusaka Zambia. [Reported by Shakeel Gulam Ghodiwala]



Jashne Eid e Milad celebration at Leicester [UK] though heavy snow fall was there.



Date: 5/2/12
Jashne Eid e Milad celebration at South Africa.



Date: 5/2/12
Heavy snow fall at London yesterday night.



આજે આખા ટંકારીયા ગામ માટે ન્યાઝ ની દાવત નો પ્રોગ્રામ ઈબ્રાહીમભાઈ દાદુભીખા તથા તેમના સાઉથ આફ્રિકા નિવાસી ફરજંદો તરફથી રાખવામાં આવ્યો છે. ગામના નાના, મોટા, વડીલો, બુજુર્ગો, માં, બહેનો એ ન્યાઝ શરીફનો લુત્ફ ઉઠાવ્યો હતો. આ ન્યાઝ બગદાડીકમિટી દ્વારા આયોજિત કરવામાં આવ્યો છે.



જશને ઈદે મીલાદુન્નાબી સલ્લલ્લાહો અલયહે વસલ્લમ ની ઉજવણી ભારે ધામધૂમ થી થઇ રહી છે. વહેલી સવાર થી દરેક મસ્જીદો માં નાત શરીફ નો પ્રોગ્રામ શરુ થઇ ગયો હતો ત્યાર બાદ ફઝાર ની નમાજ બાદ ૭:૩૦ કલાકે ખાનકાહે ચિશ્તીયા (પાટણવાળા બાવા સાહેબ) ના ઘરે થી જુલુસ નીકળી આખા ગામ માં ફરી જામા મસ્જીદ માં સંપન્ન થઇ ગયું હતું. જુલુસ માં સરકાર કી આમદ મરહબા ના નારાથી ગલીયો ગુંજી ઉઠી હતી. જામા મસ્જીદમાં બાલ મુબારક ની જીયારત કરાવવામાં આવે છે.

સરકાર કી આમદ મરહબા.



માશા અલ્લાહ ! જશને ઈદે મીલાદુન્નાબી સલ્લલ્લાહો અલયહે વસલ્લમ ની ધૂમ ગલી ગલી મચી છે. આજ રોજ લહેરી ફળિયાના નવયુવાનો એ મોટા પાયે ન્યાઝ બનાવી છે. અને ન્યાઝ તકસીમ કરવાનો પ્રોગ્રામ અસર ની નમાઝ બાદ થી ચાલુ થઇ ગયો છે.

જશને ઈદે મીલાદુન્નાબી સલ્લલ્લાહો અલયહે વસલ્લમ ઝીન્દાબાદ.



Thoyandou [South Africa] is celebrating Eid-e-MiladunNabi (SallAllaho Alaihe Wassalam)
. Eid e milad mubarak..........

Reported by Rafiqahmed Kaduji.



Date: 3/2/12
આજે પીર જુમ્માંનશાહ રહમ્તુલ્લાહ અલયહે નો ઉર્સ છે, સંદલ નો પ્રોગ્રામ ગત રોજ ઈશાની નમાજ બાદ સંપન્ન થયો હતો. અલ્લાહ તબારક વ તઆલા બુજુર્ગાને દીન નો ફૈઝ આપણા બધા પર હર હમેશા રાખે. આમીન.




Date: 2/2/12
Basirbhai Ibrahimbhai Banglawala [Brother of Nashruddinmaster Banglawala] has passed away at Karachi [Pakistan] ...
inna lillahe wainna ilayhe rajeun. He was buried at Karachi yesterday. May Allah [SWT] grant him the best place in jannatul firdaush. Amin.





Date: 2/2/2012
Jamilaben Ibrahimmaster Painter [Paternal Aunt of Makbul Abhli] has passes away....inna lillahe wainna ilayhe rajeun. Her janaja namaz will be held at Kamboli village at 10pm. May Allah [SWT] will grant her the best place in jannatul firdaush....Amin.



Date: 1 February 2012

Jasn-e-Milad Nabi Muhammed (SAW) was celebrated in Chicago on Saturday. Program included was naat & durood sharif to our beloved nabi Hazrat Muhammed Mustufa (SAW). May Allah (SWT) accept it and give strength to all of us to recite more durood in this blessed month and make us steadfast in our prayers & sunnah. Ameen.