News - December 2013

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BYE BYE 2013

Date: 31/12/13

Ibrahimbhai Mohammed Mathiya [Cha wala] Passed away. Inna Lillahe Wainna Ilayhe Rajeun. His Namaj-e-janaja will held at Hashamshah [RA] graveyard after Zohar prayer. May ALLAH [SWT] will grant him the best place in Jannatul Firdaush. Ameeen.



Date: 30/12/13
Wedding of Nazemabanu Gulam Daula held today at Tankaria. She is married at Village Vora Samni.

Date: 30/12/13
Walima Function of Sons of Saeedmaster Bapuji held today at Tankaria.

Date: 30/12/13
Wedding of Salmabanu [Daughter of Subamaster Devram].

Date: 28/12/13
Marriage function of Aezaz [Son of Late Ibrahimbhai Gargariya] held today at Tankaria. His Baarat will go to Village Valan tomorrow.

Date: 28/12/13
Snow in Kashmir.

Date: 27/12/13
Nikah Ceremony of Minhaz and Afzal [Sons of Saeed Saheb Bapuji] held today after Jumma prayer at Bapuji Masjid, Aman Colony, Tankaria. Walima program will be on Sunday.

Date: 26/12/13
Walima Function of Mohammed Matin Dr Basir Manman and his brother Mustak Ahmed Dr Basir Manman held today at Tankaria.

Date: 25/12/13

Janaab Alisa Ismailsa Diwan Cyclewala (Khadim of Jumma Shah R.A.) passed away in Tankaria. Inna Lillahe Wa-Inna Ilayhi Raje-un. His Namaz-e-Janajah will be held at 10 am tomorrow at Bhadbhag Cemetery. May Allah (SWT) rest him in peace and grant him a place in Jannat-ul-Firdaush. Ameen.

Date: 25/12/13
Marriage of Mohammed Matin Dr Basir Manman [administrator of Great Tankaria website] and his brother Mustak Ahmed Dr Basir Manman held today at Tankaria. Mohammed Matin married Kulsum Ismail Laheri and Mustak Ahmed married Nashrin Yusuf Laheri. Many many congratulations to Manman and Laheri families.

Date: 23/12/13
The Wedding Ceremony of Farhad Sadik Saleh [maternal nephew of Zahidmamu Captain] was held at Tankaria. He married at Ahmedabad.

Date: 23/12/13
Snow Storm in Toronto.

Date: 23/12/13
A wedding of Naznin [Daughter of Ilyas Kaduji] held today at Tankaria. She is married with Mohammed [Son of Hafizullah Banglawala].


December 22, 2013

Fresh crop. Refreshing pictures from the mother land.


 Date: December 19, 2013

Beautiful sunrise in Chicago.



 Date: December 17, 2013

Walima function of Abdulgani Ismail Kaduji held at Tankaria on Sunday.




Date: 16/12/13
Heavy snowfall at U.S.A. [Photo sent by Shakeelahmed Bha & Ayyub Ghoga]





DATE: 16/12/13
Wedding ceremony of Dr. Aneeshabanu [Daughter of Dr. Salim Musabhai Miyanji] held yesterday at Tankaria. She is married with Dr. Sajid at Dayadara village.
Congratulations to Miyanji Family.




Date: 15/12/13
Nikah ceremony of Abdulgani Ismail Kaduji held yesterday at Gulshan Hotel Bharuch, he married Samirabanu [Daughter of Nazirbhai Dedka].




Date: 15/12/13
Hajiyani Fatimaben Mohmed Daud Haronwala [Mother of Iqbal saheb Haronwala] passed away..............inna lillahe wainna ilayhe rajeun. Her Namaj-e-janaja will held at Hashamshah RA graveyard after Magrib prayer. May ALLAH [SWT] will grant her the best place in jannatul fidaush. Ameen.




DATE: 13th December 2013

Marriage function of Abdul Ghani Ismail Kaduji will be tomorrow. Nikah ceremony will be at Bharuch and Daawat-e-walimah will be on Sunday inTankaria. Insha Allah. Many congratulations and good wishes to Abdul Ghani and Kaduji family from all visitors.



Date: 13/12/13




Date: 11/12/13
શૈક્ષણિક સ્કોલરશીપ માટે ટંકારિયા કુમારશાળામાં માર્ગદર્શન શિબિર નું આયોજન પાટણ થી પધારેલા ગુલાબ ભાઈ રાયમાં ના માર્ગદર્શન હેઠળ મકબુલ અભલી અને લલ્લુંમાંમાં અબ્દુલ્લાહ ના પ્રયત્નો થી કરવામાં આવ્યું હતું આ શિબિર માં અભ્યાસ અર્થે મળતી શૈક્ષણિક સ્કોલરશીપ કયાંથી અને કેવી રીતે મેળવવી તે વિષય પર પ્રકાશ પાડવામાં આવ્યો હતો.

Date: 8/12/13
A walima function of Mohammedsalim Ismail Bachcha [Awaz] held today at Tankaria. He is married with Shahinabanu [Daughter of Sadikbhai Umarji Delawala].
Many Many congratulations to Bachcha & Delawala family.




Date: 7/12/13
One of our Tankarvy and pride of Tankaria Mr. Mustakali Boda saheb who is a employee of O.N.G.C., we would like to share his photo with you. At present he is at Panvel [Mumbai]. We salute to a great personality.




Date: 6 December 2013.
Several N.R.I. Brothers visited newly constructed Masjid [Masjid-e-Noor @ Peer Yusuf [RA] Dargah.




Date: 6 December 2013

Indian Cricket team now a days is in South Africa. (એટલે કે સાઉથ અફ્રીકા ક્રિકેતમય બની ગયું છે) one of our Tankarvi Mr. Mohammed Dr. Yusuf met with an Indian Cricket Team captain Mahendrasingh Dhoni. 

 [Look at Photo below]



DATE: 5/12/13

Hajiyani Fatimaben Haji Ibrahim Ipli (Mother of Salim Ipli) passed away...Innalillahe wainna ilayhe rajeun. Her Namaj-e-janajah will be held at BhadBhag graveyard at 10 am tomorrow. May ALLAH (SWT) grant her a place in Jannat-ul- Firdaush. Aameen.