News - April 2012

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Date: 29/4/12


ShahNawaz Gulambhai Bhutawala got married to Shahina MaqbulBhai Bhuta, today here in Thohoyandou, South Africa. All relatives, friends, and well wishers attended the occasion very gladly... Congrats to Nawaaz & his bride. May Allah (SWT) increase you in love and shower upon you his immense love & mercy. Ameen

(News reported by Rafiqahmed Kaduji, Venda)




Date: 28/04/2012

Your Health: Diabetes - An informative program in URDU  

Diabetes is a hormone disorder that can cause problems with the kidneys, legs and feet, eyes, heart, nerves, and blood flow. If left untreated it can lead to kidney failure, amputation, blindness, or a stroke. Type 2 diabetes is typically found in adults and is largely caused by obesity, but teenagers and children are now being diagnosed with it.

If you're a South Asian between the ages of 25 and 75, the prevalence of diabetes is now about 20%. This is compared to about 4% in the whole community so… the risk of having diabetes is at least five times greater.

Ummah Channel is dedicating a speacial health programme Hamari Sehat (in Urdu) on Sunday 29th April at 2pm on Sky 828 (in the UK) on Diabetes.

Dr Wasim Hanif, from the South Asian Health Foundation and Heartlands Hospital, Birmingham  will discuss the condition and its impact on our community.

The programme is supported by Diabetes UK.

Date: 27/4/12



Date: 22/4/12

A marriage function of Nilofarbanu [Daughter of Sirajuddin Umarji Ganda] held today at Tankaria. She married at Bharuch. Many many congratulations to Ganda family. May Allah (SWT) shower upon his immense mercy on the newly wed. Ameen.



Date: 22/4/12



Date: 22/4/12



Date: 20/4/12


 Date: 20/4/12

:English & Computer learning courses for Talib-e-Elm at Tankaria Dar-ul-Uloom:




Date: 20 April 2012

Your Health: A TV program on Ummah Channel for UK Visitors


Vitamin D helps the body absorb calcium and a deficiency can cause bone deformities in children and bone pain, tenderness and muscle weakness as a result of osteomalacia in adults. People get most of their vitamin D from the sun when the skin is exposed to summer sunlight. Most Asian people need more sun to produce as much vitamin D and so are at risk of not getting enough in the UK & Europe  to last through the winter months. Those who cover up for cultural reasons and younger women are also at risk. In addition to safe sun exposure, you can get more vitamin D from your food, especially during winter and in countries where there isn’t much sun. Good dietary sources of vitamin D include:

  • Oily fish such as sardines, kippers, salmon, pilchards and trout;
  • Meat and eggs contain a little vitamin D;
  • Margarine, milk, orange juice, yoghurts and some breakfast cereals often have vitamin D added by the manufacturer.


Ummah Channel is dedicating a special health programme Hamari Sehat (in Urdu) on Sunday 22nd April at 2pm on Sky Channel 828 (in the UK) on Vitamin D.
Dr Zafar - Local GP will discuss some key issues in our community  and provide appropriate information and treatment.
You will have opportunity to ring in during the live show - 01254 277 370


Date: 19th April 2012

Employment Opportunity in Middle East 

(courtesy of Janaab Ishaq Abdullah)

 SABIC is one of the most respected name Business world around the world. Based in Saudi Arabia, it has an operations in Europe, USA, China and Middle East. This company is looking for young talent and the search has brought them to India, nowhere else but in Mumbai, Baroda and other metropolitan cities.

This is the golden opportunity for the youth. This is once in life time opportunity when they are having an open interviews in cities near you. Please contact your freinds and family member if he/she looking for a good, high paying job with lots of benefits. Working in Middle east has the best advantage of going to Umrah/Hajj, free vacation to country of residence and no income tax.

We thank Janaab Ishaq Abdullah for providing detailed schedule for this open interview process. Jazakallah

here is the company website

Dear All,

Please find the attached advertisement, which will be published in tomorrow's TIMES OF INDIA. The interview campaign for SABIC EPM requirement.

Our GM Mr. Qahtani & AGM Mr. P.K. Saseedharan are the part of interviews.
Please forward to your friends / colleagues in India to attend walk-in interviews.


Day-1: 19th April-2012, THURSDAY, MUMBAI
9:30 A.M  TO 6:00 P.M


Day-2: 20th April-2012. FRIDAY, MUMBAI
9:30 A.M  TO 6:00 P.M

Day-3: 21st April-2012. SATURDAY. BARODA
11:00 A.M  TO 6:30 P.M

-390007.PHONE:+91 265  2330033

Day-4: 22rd April-2012. SUNDAY, BARODA
9:30 A.M  TO 6:00 P.M

Day-6: 24th April-2012. TUESDAY. CHENNAI
9:30 A.M  TO 6:00 P.M



Date: 18th April 2012

Annual Prize distribution Ceremony by PMET, Rander

"Read in the name of your Lord who created, created man from a clot. Read, for your Lord is most Generous, Who teaches by means of the pen, teaches man what he does not know." (96: 1-5).

These are the very first few verses of the Holy Qur'an. Education is a very integral part of Islamic teaching. Hadith of our beloved prophet Muhammed (SAW) explained on various occassions to gain knowledge, gain skills. There should not be any additional encouragment needed other than the word of our Nabi (SAW).

However, the sad fact is, our community is lagging so far behind when it comes to education. This is where organisations like PMET work with a mission to promote education within the Muslim community and empower the future generations with skills and degrees needed to comepete in the fast changing world. Look at the pictures of this Prize Dstribution Program in India. These students are from various backgrounds including male & females. It includes Doctors, Engineers, teachers and other white collar degrees. Fact is there are also females graduating with higher degree in Medicine, Education and other streams.

This work should be continue and we should support such organisations and start a few more. We are blessed and this is our opportunity to come forward to take an initiative, map will be unlocked. This is the work of charity and this is our teaching ... who knows ... this may become an excuse for our forgiveness. Ameen.











Date: 16/4/12



Date: 16/4/12



Date: 14/4/12

A wedding ceremony of Fatima Mohmedhanif Umta [Daughter of Late Mohmedhanif Umta] and [Sister's daughter of Irfan Noormohammed] held today at Tankaria. She is married at Bharuch.



Date: 12/4/12





Date: 12th April 2012

:Progressive Tankaria:

Remember that time, when after Fajr, we hear the voice of farmers guiding their animals going to their farms and in the evening after Asr prayer, we hear their voice again coming back (remember Goduli Bela - Cowdust time). Animals making those beautiful sound with the bell in their neck & those familiar voices, those riding behind someone's Gaadu and then get yelled at was so much fun.

Gone are those days but memory remains. However, Tankaria has progressed. Now, we do not go to farms that often but Farms have come to home. With Tankaria and nearby villages ever expanding, those farms are getting occupied by new construction but a smart way to keep our tradition of farming, is an example shown by Dilawar Bhai Dashu at his house near Adol village. It just does not include a beautiful, open house but also a farm with fruits and vegetables. May Allah (SWT) give barakah in it and make us all progress in Deen with Duniya. Ameen.






Date: 11/4/12

One of our Tankarvy Faiyaz Ganiseth Khandhiya with pakistani star cricketer Umar Akmal.



Date: 10/4/12

Salimbhai Achhodi [chef], Munaf Bachcha and Rafiq jolly in happy moment at Munaf's home (USA).



Date: 9/4/12



Date: 8th April 2012

One more Nyaz program held today at Tankaria which is organized by Laheri Street Young Committee.

Date: 7 April 2012

Rukhsati Ceremony of Mahfuza, beloved daughter of
Mr & Mrs Haji Gulam Hafeji Bhuta, Birmingham, UK


Date: 4/4/12

Bashir Suleman Jet has passed away at Vantarsa village, inna lillahe wainna ilayhe rajeun. His namaj-e-janaja will held at Vantarsa village after Isha Prayer.

Date: 4/4/12

wedding ceremony of Asifiqbal Abdulhaq Chakundiya [Masiyai of the Mukhtar Khandhiya] with Saminabanu Mubarak Patel [Bhanji of Nadeem Gangal [Karjan] held today at Tankaria. Congratulations to newly married couple.


2nd April 2012

:Javid Vakhariya's (Valan wala) wedding ceremony in Chicago, USA:

 Javid Vakhariya (son of Iqbal Bhai Vakhariya from Valan village) got married in Chicago, USA. Many many congratulations to brother Javid and his newly wed bride from all the visitors. May Allah (SWT) shower you both with love, health and long life and fill your life with joy and happiness. Ameen. Look at some pictures below. 


Khalil DadaBhai (L), Hanif Polli & Salim Patel (R)


Munaf Bachcha

2 April 2012

Date: 1/4/12

મૂળ ભરૂચના વતની અને પોતાની આખરી કાયમગાહ ટંકારિયા માં પીર યુસુફ (ર. અ.) ની બાજુમાં બનાવનાર અને સૈયદ કદારીબાવાનો ઉર્સ આજે ધામધુમથી મનાવામાં આવી રહ્યો છે. મોટી સંખ્યામાં અકીદત્મંદો ઠેર ઠેર થી ઉર્સ માં ભાગ લેવા ટંકારિયા આવ્યા છે.