Dr Girjaprasad Shankarprasad Shukla

Dr Shukla


Born: 3 August 1926 – Died: 11 January 2001

 (Dates and photos provided by his son Dr Dhruv Shukla)

The great Dr Shukla was a humble, gentle, loving and caring physician who dedicated his entire professional life for the well-being of Tankaria’s villagers.

Dr Shukla had to finally retire and leave the village to spend his remaining life with his family, but he was loved so much by the villagers that when he left, the villagers gathered in the centre of the village with tears in their eyes. Dr Shukla also had tears in his eyes. He was dearly loved, so much so that if it was in their hands, the people of Tankaria would never have let him go.

In a time when transportation was a challenge and medical facilities in nearby cities were not even close to today’s standards, together with a lack of medical supplies and pharmacies, you can only begin to imagine how difficult it was for any person suffering from illness or injury. People still remember Dr Shukla and Ismail Adam Gajjar visiting an ill person on a rainy night.

While we remember Dr Shukla today, we would also like to thank his beloved wife Shardaben and the rest of his family. They are the unsung heroes of the story.

Dr Shukla is no longer with us today. He passed away on 11 January 2001, but he will always be in the memories of Tankarvis forever.

ડૉકટર શુકલ


□ ઉમર ફારૂક ચામડ ટંકારવી

આપણા ગામમાં એક ઓલિયા સિફત ડૉકટર શુકલ આવી ગયા. તેમની સેવાઓથી અનેક લોકો પરિચિત છે. વીસમી સદીમાં આવા પરગજુ ડૉકટરો ઘણાં ઓછા હશે. એમના વિષે એક પ્રસંગ સાંભળેલો.

ગામના મોટા ભીલવાડામાં ચોમાસામાં એક આદિવાસી ઓરતને સુવાવડનું દર્દ ઉપડયું. ખબર મળતાં વરસતા વરસાદમાં ડૉ શુકલ અડધી રાતે એની ઝૂંપડીમાં પહોંચી ગયા. અંધારી રાત, ચાલુ વરસાદ, નિ:સહાય ગરીબ ઓરત, દારૂણ ગરીબી. ડૉકટર શુકલે જાતે પેલી ઝૂંપડીનો ચૂલો કરાંઠીઓ ભાંગીને સળગાવ્યો. પાણી ગરમ કર્યું. જરૂરી ઇંજેકશનો પેલી દર્દથી કણસતી ઓરતને આપ્યાં. પછી ઝૂંપડીની બહાર મરઘીઓના ખોખાં પર બેઠા. પેલી ઓરતને ડિલિવરી થઇ, પછી ઘેર આવ્યા.

આજે ડૉ શુકલ હયાત નથી. આપણા ગામમાં એમનો વિદાય સમારંભ યોજાયેલો. હું પણ એ પ્રસંગે હાજર હતો. એ પ્રસંગે એમને વિદાયમાન આપતાં કોક ભાઇ બોલેલા:

જનની જણ તો ભક્ત જણ, કાં દાતા કાં શૂર
નહીં તો રહેજે વાંઝણી,  મત ગુમાવીશ નૂર

ટંકારીઆના લોકો હંમેશાં આવા સેવાભાવી, નિરભિમાની મહામાનવને યાદ કરશે.

4 Comments on “Dr Girjaprasad Shankarprasad Shukla

  1. I join with Tankaria people, he has helped not only you but also his family and society. I am very proud of him. At present, I see Sai Baba serial, I see him as Shukal Baba. I have no words to explore his personality. God help his soul for maha yatra. I am happy that Tankaria people remember him to this day. Allah bless you all. Ameen.

  2. In Dr Shukla’s time people used to ask about diet, what could they eat and what not according to their illness, and he replied “You can eat everything but, don’t eat my head”. I really appreciate his words, that’s how he kept people fearless about their illness and confident to become well soon.

  3. Not only I but whole Tankarvis have no words to how to mention Dr GS Shukla Saheb. What a great man! His wife Shardaben supported him a lot while serving all Tankaria! He was never tired but he got retired. He will be ever remembered for his noble cause and deeds which have been only left behind! Not only difficult but impossible to have such a doctor in this time.

  4. I noticed that Dr Shukla always kept his patient busy in nice, sweet conversation while injecting them, so that they would not be scared of the needle and wouldn’t feel pain.

    Also, he treated his patients not only by using medicines, but he gave them some psychological treatment too. He talked to the patients very sweetly, keeping the atmosphere very pleasant, so that 50% of their sickness and pain would go without medicine.

    My friend, Amin Chhamad, told me about the following incident, which shows his excellent sense of humour.

    One day, travelling in the train from Palej to Ahmedabad, a naughty child was always jumping around in the compartment and never remained seated.

    Dr Shukla spoke only one sentence, “Darwin was right!”

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