The Tankaria Baitulmal Committee

Compiled by: Nasir Lotiya

યતીમ તને નીરાધાર આમ જોઈ નહી શકું
વિધવાના દુઃખ અપાર આમ જોઈ નહી શકું.

The Tankaria Baitulmal Committee (Bait-ul-Maal) has been working in Tankaria since May 1991. The Tankaria Baitulmal Committee is helping orphans, widows, divorced women and, poor people of Tankaria. M.D. Rakhda Saheb (Retired High School Teacher) is working honorary and puts all his efforts into such a noble work. 

At present, 110 needy, orphans, widows, and divorced women get groceries coupon of Rupees 500 every month.

Day by day price of food items increasing in India. Life becomes tough, specifically for them those who are living below the poverty line. We all should think seriously about it, and we should contribute to this work. This is really the best and organised way to help the needy of our community; it is really the great vision of the Tankaria Baitulmal Committee; it is an example to be followed by our community.

If yet not contributed, please think about it seriously, and please start contributing to this noble work. The Tankaria Baitulmal Committee is accepting Zakat, Sadqah and, Lillah amounts. May Allah reward them those who are working hard with such a noble spirit. May Allah reward all contributors.

Founding Members :

Late Umar Faruq Musa Chamad. (Ex- Chairman)

Mr M.D. Rakhda

Mr Ibrahim Mohammad Manman

Mr Abdulsattar Nagia

Mr Mohammad Umarji Rakhda-Tailor

Mr Abdulmajid Zangharia

Dr Yusuf Musa Khoda

Mr Sikandar Faruq Chamad (Chairman)

Below is the sample of “Food Rationing Coupons” which were given to those orphans, widows, divorced women and, needy on the monthly basis. ​​​​​​​Food Rationing Coupons are given within the first five days of each month. This Coupon can be exchanged for food items (Groceries) at the designated shops in Tankaria.

Sample of Grocery Coupon given to needy every month:

Sample of Grocery Slip given to needy every month
The concept of “Food Rationing Coupons” was first introduced by Sayyidina-Umar-bin-al-Khattab (Al Faruq) Radi Allahu Ta’ala Anhu.

Concept of Bait-al-Mal : Click on the below link to read in detail. (Sweetness)

Concept of (Bait-al-mal)(بيت المال)/Bait-UL- Maal

Below is an Appeal from Tankaria Baitulmal Committee Published on our Village Websites:

Apeal from Baitulmal Committee

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