Pride of Tankaria … Rizwan Iqbalbhai Malatagar.

One of our Tankarvis, Rizwan Malatagar, son of Iqbalbhai Malatagar, acquired a Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery degree from the respected Sheffield University in Yorkshire.

This university nurtured Noble Laureates, invented Penicillin’s classes and Kreb’s cycles, which changed the course of biological treatments.

We congratulate Rizwan and his parents and family. May Allah (SWT) bless you with more success and may the community benefit from your knowledge. Ameen.

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3 Comments on “Pride of Tankaria … Rizwan Iqbalbhai Malatagar.

  1. Well done. My hearty congratulations to Rizwan on his stupendous success. It is not so easy to become a medical doctor even in India. To do this in a foreign land can be said to be an extraordinary achievement. Kudos to him. Our best wishes are with you.

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